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Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder MTV Live Interview (x)

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French photographer Jonathan Moyal's breathtaking photos of his travels into the wilderness awaken a strong sense of wanderlust. Moyal has recently embarked on a road trip through Canada—keep up with his journey through Tumblr or Flickr.

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You’ll see that her fears and resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.

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Pretty smooth sailing for you and Emma, who’s gunna pop up from the past to sweep her away so that you have to continue to chase this woman?

#colin is not impressed by that idea

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  • : So reblog this if I can pop into your box and ask you questions about writing (You can probably make a version for art, too). And you can ask them to me if you really want to.
  • : Specify fandom if you want for any of the questions.
  • : 1. Which is your favorite of the fics you've written for X fandom?
  • : 2. Favorite piece overall?
  • : 3. Which was the hardest to write, in terms of plot?
  • : 4. Which has the most "you" in it, however you'd define that?
  • : 5. What is an image/set of images that you're particularly proud of?
  • : 6. Idea that you always wanted to write but could never make work?
  • : 7. Least favorite plot point/chapter/moment?
  • : 8. Favorite plot point/chapter/moment?
  • : 9. Favorite character to write?
  • : 10. Favorite line or lines of dialogue that you've written
  • : 11. If I'm showing off just one of your pieces to someone, which one should it be?
  • : 12. What WIPs do you have going now? Are you excited about them?
  • : 13. Are there any things that might have happened in any of your stories, but you changed them at the last minute? (So-and-so dies, they don't actually kiss, main character has long extended ballet-based dream sequence, etc.)
  • : 14. Would you want to write canon for any of your fandoms (like be hired by showrunner to do an episode)? Which one?
  • : 15. Does font matter to you when you're writing a draft?
  • : 16. 3 favorite comments ever received on fanfic.
  • : 17. Any mean comments? How'd you deal with it? Who laid the smackdown?
  • : 18. If you could go back and revise one of your older stories, which would it be?
  • : 19. Do you make up scenes at work/on the bus/at the gym? Who are the characters that pop up the most? Do you write them down?
  • : 20. Go nuts, and talk about writing. Or write me a little ficlet-whatsit using a character/image/line I shall now specify

Fic writing questions!